Welcome to Fly The Impossible


Dear visitor,

this website serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it serves as an insurance against my memory. Telling the stories again and again make them susceptible to little elements of imagination slipping in, or maybe some exaggerations might develop over time.

Secondly, they give an overview of the trip to the many nice people I’ve met while flying it. Most of the time, they only see me at one airport for a few hours or days which makes them often wonder what the rest of the trip was like. So in a way this can be interpreted as a sincere and warm thank you, for helping me out when I was in trouble, for sharing the pictures you took from me or simply for the friendly smile at the isolated places were we’ve met and the time we spent together.

Thirdly, I hope it may serve as a source of inspiration for all people in general and pilots in particular to achieve and fly those dreams, which are more often than not deemed impossible by self-proclaimed experts. Don’t let them keep you down. Look further. Keep trying.

Dare to dream the impossible. Dare to fly the impossible. Dare to live the impossible.

Captain Digits

PS: Please don’t look at these stories as if they are official reports. They are not. Some elements have been changed to protect the privacy of the people involved. For all legal matters, just consider them as figments of my imagination.