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Day 18: Up the Mountain

Today I found out that the part didn’t move, and the delivery date changed to the next Monday. Aziz told me he ordered a very similar part that would probably arrive the next day.

After lunch (food was the highlight of my days) I climbed the mountain (took half an hour) and met two people who where building the new ice skating building (yes, an ice skating building in a place where the average temperature almost never goes above 0°C and that is surrounded by water…). They were the lucky ones: they were leaving the next day and were doing some heavy touristic stuff now. Apparently there was also an old Inuit camp, a few miles away from the city center. I could join them and enjoyed this opportunity to let the time pass a bit faster. It gave me the opportunity to see how they empty a garbage truck there. It consists out of three very ingenious step. First you load the truck full with garbage. Second, you drive backwards very fast. Thirdly, you smash the brakes creating a huge dust cloud. Because of intertia a lot of the garbage will fall off the truck. Drive forward and repeat if necessary.

Before we went to the camp, they first checked up on their colleague. He needed to mix some dry cement and sand, and created a very improvised and suicidal looking structure that would “easily” measure the right amounts of sand. Impressive…

After visiting the camp I returned to my cocoon of isolation. I needed my wings back.

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