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Day 31: Good Morning USA

The last time I visited a mall was while gathering all my supplies. Now it was time to find something decent to eat as breakfast. McDonalds (really ?) chicken burgers did not fall in that category. Some bread from the desolated mall did. I survived the morning as well, and the same taxi driver as the night before, drove me back to the airport.

A rather short flight was planned today. Due to the high degree of humidity and the hot forecasted temperatures (> 34° C) it would still be a very tiresome flight. Visibility was poor due to the haze at the horizon. The flight was uneventful, and the landing smooth on the freakishly small runway.

I asked for a hotel room at the FBO, and as usual in the US, they took care of it right away. One little problem: the shuttle of the hotel was unavailable and so was the FBO’s shuttle as well. Problems are destined to have a solution, so I was handed the keys of their courtesy car: a fat ass brand new Ford Mustang ! No charge…

I drove first slowly, then fast, then slowly again to the hotel, missed the exit, drove a bit further and I didn’t mind at all. In the evening, I took my car to drive over to the local steak house (only 200 meters away) and to arrive in style.

A good juicy classic American steak with pepper gravy concluded this beautiful day.

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