Welcome to Fly The Impossible

Day 35: El Paso

The morning started early, to make it in time to our breakfast. First, I was a passenger and I could observe the power and performance of the sleek designed Lancair. Pressurized, fast, high service ceiling, retractable gear and even speed brakes. Wonderful airplane!

On the way back, I could pilot the airplane. Very sensitive controls, high approach speed yet a beauty to fly. It wasn’t really necessary, but I really wanted to operate the speed brake. My first time ever! We stayed at high altitude to pass the mountains and then made a quick speed brake assisted descend. It was followed by a ridiculously fast circuit and a 90kts final approach speed. These long runways really do come in handy.

Afterwards, I visited the aviation museum at the airport. Suzy drove me around to show the huge solar panel field, recently built in El Paso. The trip was concluded by a scenic tour through El Paso and a sushi snack.
Time for goodbye. I thanked Suzy for everything and spent my last night on American soil. The sushi acted up though.

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