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Day 20: Company

This morning started off a bit better as before. A group of adventurous people, who went on a 2 week hiking trip in the North of Canada, arrived in the hotel the previous evening. And today they had some time to kill before getting on their flight back. We spend our time chatting about the beauty of the Arctic area while walking towards the camp side and the numerous plane wrecks. We passed some old rusty vehicles that looked like the babies of a car and a snow mobile. Although the outside appeared very old and about to collapse, it actually had a new engine, which gave us the impression it was still being used – when there is snow of course.

Once again, I visited the old Inuit camp. This time there was no garbage truck to unload, hence reducing the entertainment factor a bit.

This very wild and exciting walk was concluded with seeing the carcass of a big black bird. Such adrenaline…

Time for bed again. Hoping tomorrow my plane would finally be repaired.

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