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Day 29: Fishing

This supposedly lazy Sunday was spent getting the plane ready for the departure the next day. An oil change and a quick checkup made sure I’d reach New Mexico in due time.

In the afternoon, Kevin borrowed me his truck so I could switch to real tourist mode once again. The high way took me from one little town to the other. All was well until I noticed the little red fuel indicator approaching the zero dangerously close. And that is how the big fuel adventure started.

Finding a gas station was not that hard, but boy was it crowded. And confusing. As soon as I was in one queue, it changed direction – and so did I. After 2 direction changes and lots of waiting, I was finally in the gas station spot. Then I noticed that my fuel cap was on the wrong side. One other thing that you should now, is that the ignition of the truck was a bit wiggly and had trouble making contact every now and then. For example, when one is parked at a fuel station. This time, I was making the queue while frantically trying to get the thing started. The fuel station manager jumped in and got it running again. Woohoo!

In the evening, I went fishing with Kevin and Mark. It was then that I finally learned how to fish. After an hour the first of these little fellows decided it would be a good time to take the bait. That’s how I caught my very first fish. It was a beauty. Car trouble is apparently very common in Canada. When we came back his beautiful vintage Toros (with roll and pitch indicator, first time I’ve seen that outside an airplane) wouldn’t start. In Belgium we would call a mechanic, but not in Canada. Here we jump under the hood, wiggle some things, try to jump start it and hope for the best. And the beauty of it: it actually works!

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