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Day 32: Texas

Whether it was unconsciously planned or not, the fact remained that I was lost again while driving from the hotel to the airport. Remember that I was driving the Ford Mustang, so again, I was perfectly fine with that.

Today, I was flying from a very hot place (36° C) to an extremely hot place (42° C). The airplane was suffering in the heat. The oil temperature approaching the red line dangerously close. To block the sun, I decided to use the sun block screen during flight. I found my way back to Dallas Executive airport and taxied to Wayne’s mechanic to return the fuel tank and pumps.

Now, this man was building his own office inside his hangar, had tons of experience in maintaining all kinds of different airplanes, fixing broken parts. It was impressive to see ! After half an hour, Wayne arrived. I handed him some caps as souvenirs from Eureka and returned all the stuff that worked perfectly.

He drove me to the lobby of the airport to get fuel and find a hotel. While I was taking care of that, I saw my airplane being towed by a tractor. I felt like a jet pilot ! On the television, there were reports of heat waves, extreme heat and possible power shortages due to the heavy air-conditioning use.

Due to the lack of mobility, I ordered delivery food and enjoyed the air conditioned room.

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