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Day 19: To Repair or not to Repair

This morning, Aziz informed me a spare part that might fit arrived by plane. This little chance of getting airborne again made me optimistic. I walked over to the airport (about 7km, nothing else to do) and looked up the mechanics. They informed me they wouldn’t/couldn’t install the part, since apparently it wasn’t an official airplane part. Great. They were however very helpful again and made some calls. They contacted the mechanic of the owner of the plane and started looking for possible part numbers that would fit. Next, they looked for said parts. In the end, they found a salesman in Canada who had the required part and was willing to deliver it by himself at the airport, to make absolutely sure that the part would leave that day on the first First Air flight to Resolute Bay. The part was scheduled to arrive on Saturday. This time, the estimate looked a lot more believable.

I took advantage of the situation to pick up a bit of extra clothing from the airplane and got to know the ATC ‘controller’. Turned out his girlfriend painted the white rocks on the big famous “Resolute Bay” mountain.

On my way back I was picked up while hitchhiking a ride to Aziz’s hotel. I noticed a strange rock with some strange moss on it. The driver explained with a smile that he was trying to find out if something would grow on the rock if he left it in his car… It was a hobby project while in Resolute. He also tried to learn how to paint, but apparently the rock was more interesting.

One delicious meal, again thanks to Randy, later I went to bed. Dreaming of flying.

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